About C Si Bon

C Si Bon (pronounced Si-Si-Bon) was born out of my home kitchen. I love cooking for my friends and family and am often told how much they love to eat the food that I prepare. 
This is my story…

My mother is originally from Mauritius and moved to Australia in the 60's. She did a Cordon Bleu cooking course in London and used those skills to start her own catering company in Perth during the 70's and 80's. She successfully paid for our school fees by cooking beautiful food for beautiful people. Needless to say she was a huge inspiration to me. I wanted to be just like her. I was always watching, helping when I could. I would often be in charge of family dinner and I loved it. Being surrounded by exotic foods in my childhood gave me a huge appreciation for international cuisine. I was never afraid of tasting different things and I would often be creative in the kitchen because I loved experimenting.

After school I was in the hospitality industry. I travelled the world living in Greece, Austria, France and the U.K. After many years of immersing myself in different cultures I moved back to Australia and worked in the wine industry for 10 years. I did vintages in Margaret River, Victoria and New Zealand whilst studying Wine Studies. This career path saw me export high end Australian wines to distributors in the USA. I would travel to the USA for months on end. There, I was immersed in food and wine culture selling to top restaurants in New York, L.A., Boston, New Orleans, San Francisco, San Diego to name a few. With my background of food and learning plenty in sales and marketing, it made for a very happy carrier path. I excelled in this area and soaked up all I could regarding branding, sales and marketing. I decided to settle down and was given the opportunity to work for Little Creatures Brewing in Fremantle. There I headed up a team of sales representatives around Australia. I also worked on product launches as well as overseeing promotions and sponsorships. It was here that I saw first hand the workings of a small company growing into a highly successful listed company.

Once my children were born I started consulting to companies in Sales and Marketing such as Fini Olive Oil. I guess I realised that I have always been creative and with my sales and marketing background I was able to spot a niche in the market that hasn’t successfully been filled.

One cold, winters night in July 2014 I cooked a huge batch of Bolognese sauce and the children loved it. I looked into the pot and decided to make some lasagnes with the leftovers. I put a simple post up on Facebook to my friends and family saying that I was going to be selling frozen meals. Within 2 days I had sold 45 dishes. I nearly fell over. Suddenly the business was right there in front of my eyes. I added a further 10 dishes to the repertoire and people kept coming back for more.

C Si Bon was off and away. As a single mother of two little girls, I have big dreams for this little start up. I believe that as Australians we have the right to eat beautiful food which ticks all the boxes - home-made, nourishing, delicious, restaurant quality, additive free, preservative free and gluten free. The benefits of frozen food are endless. Less waste, more nutrition and convenience are at the forefront of what drives me to make this more accessible to everyone. I'm happy to say that local retailers agree so my food is now available in a handful of local stores. This is just the beginning. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me along this journey so far. Especially my mother, Cloe - je t'aime!