Aged Care

Jaw dropping what is being talked about at the Royal Commission into Aged Care at the moment. Maggie Beer took to the stand this week to describe what is being served as food for just $7 per day per customer. It made me shudder to think how little effort is being put into the sector.

Recently I have been given the opportunity to supply food to the following care providers :

  • Silver Chain
  • Mercy Care
  • Melville Cares
  • Comfort Keepers
  • Home Instead Senior Care

Every month these are increasing as the number of care providers share my belief in a wholistic approach to care given to senior citizens. They care and are listening to their customers needs and requirements.

Connection through food.

This is a huge passion of mine. I truly believe that connecting over a meal, whether it be a bowl of soup or something more sophisticated makes you feel better. Less alone, more positive, happier! It's so simple and yet why is it so hard to achieve?

I believe that we need to give them an option. Perhaps this option fit the mould previously but I don't believe it necessarily does anymore. A modern approach to meal preparation, ingredients and flavour is what is required to truly shake up the system. Food with flavour, food that they used to cook but can't necessarily cook for themselves anymore.

By 2057 there will be 6.1 million Australians living in aged care. That could be you. What will you be eating?

If you know of anyone who is being looked after but the above care providers, put them in touch and we can help with beautiful meals delivered straight to their door. Call me directly on 0407 907 104.

Natasha Winburn-Clarke
Natasha Winburn-Clarke