June 17, 2016

Urban List Perth

AS written in Perth's Urban List....

"Want gourmet, restaurant-quality meals at home without any of the effort? I hear ya! Started by Natasha Winburn-Clarke in 2013, the French-inspired home cooked meals from C Si Bon are made fresh and then frozen every week for you to defrost and heat up when you need them. The meals range from boeuf bourguignon and lamb tagine, to seafood pie and stuffed chicken thighs (my personal fave!), while the pick of the desserts is a deeeelicious mango and coconut semifreddo. All prepared with high-quality fresh ingredients, the meals have no hidden nasties, are gluten-free and most importantly, are really freaking delicious. Currently stocked at a bunch of different supermarkets around Perth including IGA, The Good Grocer, Fresh Provisions and Farmer Jacks." Visit www.csibon.com.au.

April 29, 2016

Mother's Day

Mother's Day means a lot to me. Especially now that I have 2 children of my own and realise just what it takes to be a mum. My mother was my inspiration for this business and I am eternally grateful that she believed in me enough to give me the capital to start C Si Bon. 

The daily life juggle between career and motherhood is something I see everyday. Thankfully all of the mum's I surround myself with don't judge me if my house is untidy, the kids hair isn't perfect or if I'm not looking sensational! There's always a "you go girl" or "you're doing so well" or "can I help" at school drop off and pick ups. This energy and warm-spirited thoughtfulness spurs me on to go out and try a little harder to get this start up started up!

This Mother's Day I am grateful for my life and everything in it. I am grateful for the little things, the little wins, my beautiful girls, my hard working husband, my gorgeous girlfriends, my ever-present parents, my in-laws, my brothers. I'm thankful that people buy something that I create and love it and tell other people about it. I'm thankful for this beautiful country we get to call home. I'm thankful that I get to work at my truth every single day. Who knows where this journey will end but I'm enjoying the process and all that it brings. I doubt myself often but then something will happen to change my thought process around and make me believe in myself once again and I'm off!

This Mother's Day be sure to give that mother figure in your life an extra special hug. She  deserves it. We all deserve it.

Thank you for helping me keep my dream alive.

February 17, 2016

Why Frozen? The benefits of frozen meals

We are met with a barrage of nutritionists who constantly tell us to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables with much emphasis on the word fresh. It seems that the world of frozen foods is too often snubbed by chefs and foodies. There’s no need to be snobbish about it and while I absolutely totally agree that fresh probably is best, there are 7 good reasons to buy frozen.

Products are frozen at their peak of quality and many fruits and vegetables are frozen very quickly after they have been picked. Birds Eye for instance claim their peas go from the field to the freezer bag within hours. This means the freshness is locked in. Consider this against buying so called fresh peas from the store shelf without knowing how far they’ve travelled and how long they’ve been there waiting for someone to buy them.
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Fresh fruit and vegetables naturally decay. If you do a weekly shop, come the end of the week, your green stuff that was brightly coloured and crisp when you bought it is slightly wrinkled, a bit bruised and fairly limp. One of the main reasons to buy frozen is the seriously extended shelf life.

Unless you are supermom, there is always a time when you throw fresh stuff away because you don’t eat it in time or it wasn’t as fresh as you thought it was and it goes bad before you prepare it. This doesn’t just apply to fruit and vegetables but this a good reason to buy frozen meat and fish products too.
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Frozen is perfect to help with long term meal planning – knowing there’s always something in the freezer means you can either plan in advance or not worry if you are late doing your grocery shop or even if unexpected visitors turn up.

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