C Si Bon - Home Food Delivery

Hi everyone,

Long time no hear. Yes, it's tricky balancing everything to do with this burgeoning business but I love it and it still makes me get up everyday happy and excited for the next challenge. Recently I have been promoting my home food delivery service and this is for a few reasons.

Firstly, I get to meet my customers face to face and the resounding message I receive is that it is so lovely to have home cooked meals delivered straight to your door. People are either time poor, too frail, too busy, too injured to get to the shops. This is where home delivery plays a major role in our society now. Being predominantly French focussed in my cuisine also sets me apart from the crowd and this is something I'm proud of. I also get to hear everyone's stories and I love being involved in this process. 

C Si Bon home delivery allows me to use less packaging and focus on seasonal offerings. Recently I launched the C Si Bon Coq au Vin, C Si Bon Beef Cheeks, C Si Bon Mediterranean Vegetables as well as C Si Bon 7 Veg Lasagne, C Si Bon Aubergine Lasagne, C Si Bon Green Lasagne, C Si Bon Champignon Velouté, C Si Bon Leek & Truffle Oil Velouté to name a few! It's been busy but this just shows what beautiful produce we have to work with and I want to be able to offer this in my meal delivery service. 

My C Si Bon meal delivery service suits people who are incapable of getting to the shops for various reasons. You may have just had a baby (and the gift boxes for new parents are really popular, I wish I had had these when I had first had my children!). I offer a little bit of something for everyone, whether it be award-winning desserts, soups, lunches, dinner and now babyfood. C Si Bon really does cater to everybody's needs and being home delivered makes life that one bit easier. That's a good thing!

Overall these meals are perfect for when you don't have the time but want something delicious, healthy and local. It does take a little organisation to get online and hit the order button but it's worth it. I can't tell you how many times I hear how perfect my home delivery service is for busy mums and dads. I have never had a dissatisfied customer and that is very rewarding.

So if you need to get organised, know someone that needs a helping hand and loves delicious food then go straight to www.csibon.com.au and order your first food delivery from www.csibon.com.au today!

Natasha Winburn-Clarke
Natasha Winburn-Clarke