So proud, yet again, to be awarded Silver Medals for the following products at this years RASWA Premium Produce Awards :

C Si Bon Raspberry Eton Mess

C Si Bon White Chocolate Mousse

C Si Bon Dark Chocolate Mousse

The raspberry eton mess came about because as a child my aunt in England had the most glorious vegetable and fruit garden. During those long, sunny days we would go and pick raspberries straight from the bush. With our haul we would then go and whisk English clotted cream with a little icing sugar and pair with meringue. This is such a beautiful English summer dessert, especially when using fresh fruit. Those memories I will cherish forever and I couldn't help but turn those positive moments into a frozen treat for you all the enjoy! The raspberries give the dessert a little bit of a tart edge so that it is beautifully balanced with the cream, sweet meringue and a touch of icing sugar. All gluten free and no additives or preservatives of course!

Chocolate mousse is my all time favourite indulgent dessert. But, you have to use the finest couverture chocolate to make it extraordinary. Yohann, my chef, and I played around with ideas and this recipe was one he used to make in France. We also candy a pecan nut to garnish. This frozen dessert is definitely dinner party worthy. It's smooth and silky, dark and intense. The white chocolate version also requires using the finest white chocolate with minimal fat content to ensure that it isn't too sickly sweet. Don't get me wrong, this packs a punch in the sweet stakes but it is manageable!! Topped with a praline of hazelnut this is also dinner party worthy. You and your guests will swoon.

As with all of my products these are free of additives, preservatives with the added bonus of being gluten free. We try and source things locally but sometimes we will use imported ingredients to ensure that it is the finest quality. I don't want to ever compromise on quality or flavour as this is what differentiates my products from other store bought meals and desserts. 

As usual, this would not be possible without my team of dedicated professionals. Everyone surrounding me does such an amazing job of keeping this little start up moving in the right direction! I couldn't do it without them and the fact that they share my vision makes the day to day really enjoyable and fun. Anything is possible.I truly believe that.

Natasha Winburn-Clarke
Natasha Winburn-Clarke